Water Damage Blog

Water Damage Blog

As with any other fixes you might need around your property, the cost of water damage repair in the United States will vary according to levels of damage and the materials that need repair or replacement. Your total costs will also depend on the property’s size, as cleaning a flooded laundry room is typically much cheaper than cleaning a full-size basement or the entire first floor of any structure. Learn more on water damage from this water damage blog step by step.

Most property owners can expect to pay between $1000 and $3000 for water damage repair in Royal Restoration. Replacing costlier materials such as carpeting and furniture will typically add to those costs significantly.

While only a water damage restoration contractor can offer a personalized quote for repairs to your property, you might note some added details about what those repairs typically include. You can then discuss your needs with a water cleanup company near you, and ensure your home or business is in good condition.

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Cost of Water Removal in Royal Restoration

Floodwaters don’t always recede on their own and waiting for them to just “go away” can mean added damage to a structure’s framing, subflooring, and other materials. The cost to remove an inch of water is going to be far less than removing several feet of standing water, so your water removal costs might range from $500 to $1500 or more, depending on how much water needs pumping and draining.

The type of water needing removal can also affect the cost of water damage repair in Royal Restoration. Freshwater might not require special protective equipment and can often be emptied into a nearby drain or even onto a property’s lawn, depending on the amount of water.

Greywater refers to water that isn’t fresh and drinkable but not necessarily toxic. For example, water from an overflowing dishwasher typically contains trace elements of soap and food debris, so it’s not fresh water but not necessarily toxic or harmful. Greywater removal might cost more than freshwater removal, as a water removal company might need to direct it to a nearby drain rather than simply pumping it to the outside of your structure.

Blackwater refers to toxic water that needs special handling. An overflowing septic tank, for example, would be considered black water. This is typically the most expensive water removal process, as black water might need specialty additives to help break down bacteria or other such treatment before it can be disposed of or drained.

Drywall Replacement

Drywall is made from layers of wood and paper; once these layers get overly wet, those drywall panels need replacing. Note, too, that some floodwaters might contain high levels of germs, bacteria, and other irritants not easily cleaned, so replacing those drywall panels is often easier and safer overall! Drywall replacement might cost anywhere from $250 to over $700, or about $500 on average per room.

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Flooring Damage Repair and Replacement

The type of flooring in your home or commercial structure and the length of time floodwaters are allowed to sit will affect your flooring repair and replacement costs! Carpets and tile tend to absorb water quickly, often becoming ruined while also damaging the subflooring below. However, some hardwood floors repel water more easily, due to their protective coatings.

If floodwaters are cleaned quickly, they can often be extracted from carpet and tile; once the area is dried thoroughly, the floor might then only need cleaning. Replacing those materials, however, will typically cost several hundred if not a few thousand dollars.

Burst Pipe Cleanup and Replacement Costs

A plumber replacing a burst pipe might charge anywhere from $350 to $2000 alone; cleaning floodwaters and sanitizing your space, along with plumbing repairs and replacement, often cost between $1000 and $4000 total. Despite this cost, you must rely on a water damage cleanup contractor in Royal Restoration, to ensure all traces of germs, bacteria, and other unhygienic materials are removed and cleaned properly.

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Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Water Damage Repair in Royal Restoration?

Note that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the cost of repairs due to neglect or negligence; if you flush items that shouldn’t be put in a toilet like baby diapers or paper towels and this causes clogs and a burst pipe, your insurance will probably not cover that damage! Most homeowners also need separate flood insurance to cover the cost of outside flood damage. If you have questions about your insurance policy, ask your carrier or agent before making a claim.

If your property has suffered a flood, fire, or any other such disaster, turn to our experienced Royal Restoration water damage repair contractors for help! We ensure fast, thorough cleanup and repairs, and guarantee all our services. To find out more, call us today.