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Do You Have a Fire Emergency? Call Your Royal Restoration Company

24/7 Emergency Services | Cleanup, Repair & Restoration Fire damage is one of the most difficult types of damage to clean up. As well as the smoke damage and the damage from the fire itself, you also often have to deal with the mess left behind by hoses and fire extinguishers. It can be stressful to try to deal with it, especially if you don’t have any backup, and it’s difficult to make headway if you’re not really sure what you’re doing.

That’s where Royal Restoration comes in. We’re one of the US leading damage restoration companies, and we’ve earned that role through consistent hard work and by delivering a high standard of service on every one of our projects. We know that we’re only as good as the last job that we did, and we also live in Charlotte as well as working there. It’s our reputation on the line, which is why we go out of our way to make sure that every one of our clients is 100% happy with the work that we’ve done.

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Don’t just Google “fire restoration companies near me” and go with the cheapest company you can find. Pick a company that’s well-known in the area, a locally-owned company with years of experience in repairing fire and smoke damage. Pick a company like Royal Restoration.

We’re not like other companies, and we won’t just get the job done and then leave you to get on with things. All of our staff are highly trained, both when it comes to the technical aspects of smoke damage restoration and when it comes to their people skills and customer service. We’ll treat you with nothing but the utmost professionalism and respect as we come to your property’s rescue at this difficult time