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Carpet Cleaning Blog: Our professional carpet cleaners take a natural approach to keeping your carpet looking like new. 

Carpet care is one of the most confusing jobs a homeowner or business manager can be responsible for. Most people understand the importance of regular vacuuming and do it. But deep cleaning or stain removal for upholstery or carpets doesn’t get done as much as needed. Unfortunately, procrastinating with professional carpet cleaning services can result in stains that seep into the padding, allergens that affect your family, and even strange odors that can’t be identified.

Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning Preserves Your Carpet

To extend the life of your carpet, schedule a commercial carpet cleaning at least once a year. If your carpet is subject to heavy traffic or pets, you may need our service 2-3 times per year. At the Royal Restoration, our water extraction method is effective, dependable, and gentle on your carpet. Our treatments are kid and pet-friendly, and safe for the environment. Our process involves using a machine to powerfully remove the dirt with a mixture of water and a cleaning solution. This solution is then removed using the machine’s powerful vacuum, taking with it all the dirt that has accumulated over time.

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We Offer a Customized Maintenance Program for Your Carpet

Do you need to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness to comply with health code licenses or other professional certifications? Or, maybe you just want to present the best possible image to your customers. We are happy to customize a year-round maintenance program to meet your needs and regulations. We can even schedule around the operation of your business, so your work is never interrupted! Call us today and let us customize your business maintenance plan, for a cleaner and healthier work environment. We love working with our commercial customers to make sure their office environments are clean and healthy.

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